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Changming Xu: Fair and Professional

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  Changming Xu: Fair and Professional

  Changming Xu, Director of the Information Resource Development Department of the State Information Center shared his experience for being a Xuanyuan Award jury member for three consecutive years.

  By Yandi Liu

  Changming Xu: Fair and Professional

  Three Major Points about Being a Jury Member

  Jack Yu: Mr. Xu, you have been a Xuanyuan Jury member for three consecutive years, the results of this year’s award have been announced, what do you think of this year’s award? How do you feel being a jury member during these three years?

  Changming Xu: I’ll first talk about my feelings towards these three consecutive years. First of all, Xuanyuan award is very valuable and has a special meaning. The meaning itself is special, These criteria are product innovation, contribution to mobility in China and most importantly, contribution to the Chinese automotive industry. Thus, I have a very profound understanding on the special meaning of the award.

  Secondly, after attending the award jury for three years, I can use two words to describe the evaluation process: fair and professional. Its fairness is shown on its motto: independent from business, authority and relation. It’s easy to say, but me, as a jury member who has participated in the whole process, do feel that we are really doing this according to that motto.

  As a jury member, at least we do not have any interference from the organizer or the manufactures. It is because of this independence, that this award is more fair than other auto awards. Besides, it is really precious that you as organizer have no vote and cannot have influence during the evaluation process. It’s one hundred percent a reflection of the experts’ opinions.

  We are just witnesses.

  Because of its fairness, jury members are really willing to join the award. The second word I mentioned is professional. I think its professionalism is reflected in the following aspects:

  1. The members of the jury are very professional. We have experts in areas such as R&D, design, technology, market, components, management, as well as professional testing. The composition of the experts itself determines a multi-angle of the award. Some jury members are evaluating from the consumer’s point of view, some others from a technical point of view, some from R&D, and some from testing. All the variety of opinions challenge each other. The process is very professional; this is my first impression.

  2. The nomination process is also very professional. We combined recommendations from both the manufactures themselves and experts. Some companies might be unwilling to take part in the award because they don’t understand it, but if the experts think their vehicles fit our criteria they will recommend their vehicles. Sometimes we also meet embarrassing situations, like when there were certain companies who were unwilling to come and claim the award even though they had won the award. This kind of situation never happens in other auto awards by other auto magazines. It was quite an impression when it happened to us. However, it is also a reflection of our fairness and professionalism.

  3. The evaluation process also shows its professionalism. We have data from experts’ assessment on all the vehicles and the jury takes that as reference while we also drive the vehicles ourselves. The discussion during the jury session is also very comprehensive and profound. Thus, I also think the evaluation process is very fair and professional.

  Changming Xu: Fair and Professional

  JiaYanliang who is the designer of China’s most prestigious car Hongqi CA770designed the Award Trophy, and Chinese cutting-edge car designer Wang Chaobuilt the trophy and the medal.

  My third impression is that the results of the awards can really stand for serious scrutiny and are very forward-looking. Former winners have been GAC Trumpchi GS5 for the first award, SAIC-GM-Wuling Baojun 730 for the second award and Geely GC9 this year. When I looked at these cars together, all of them meet in a certain degree our criteria and all contribute to the Chinese auto industry.

  For example, GAC Trumpchi GS5 is representative for a high priced SUV suitable for young people, it greatly helped into pushing the SUV market forward. When people see the GS5 selling really well, many other SUV began to develop rapidly. Also because of the development of the SUV, sales for domestic brands increased much faster than the overall growth rate which is approximately 7% while domestic brands reached more than 20% growth, three times faster than the overall average growth rate.

  I think that rapid growth also has something to do with our award. I’m not saying it’s all based on our contributions, but there is a certain relation between them.


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